POEM (Rhyme Scheme)

“Beauty of the Sea”

Oh how beautiful the view

the sea always look like new

It is very deep

and many sea creature it keep

There are many creatures under

So many people want to get

and discover the beauty

of the sea that is wealthy

Sometime you can see the beauty

Of the surface of a clear seas

Sometime you can see it mess

Inside you can’t see it clear

You’ll get what is inside the sea

To satisfy what you’ll guess

would be because of the wind

the trees in the sea bend

Lost Lover

Don’t think but it really hurts.

When you hoping for hope

That you wait for a year but

You always make me fool

You don’t want me with you

I’m losing a reason, Why.

Why is this happening, I’m fool

Where am I lacking

I’m truly a fool, a fool

That always in your side.

Giving all you want that I

Never do but still giving it to you.

You always make me a fool

You losing your feelings to us.

You are the one that I want

To be you in old age,

I want to take you to the altar

But it doesn’t happen because

You let go of the promise.

I am lost

I believe you

You Lost my Love to you